Why choose Carus

5 good reasons for choosing Carus


Carus does more than producing design carpets for various commercial applications. Discover below the key behind (y)our success.

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In colours: broad range of colours to choose from.
In space: specific flooring solutions for every area.

Carus stands for flexibility. Flexibility in design but also in space. With a broad range of colours, patterns and finishing, you will always find what you need to create the right atmosphere for your professional project.

You can choose from carpets for Hospitality spaces, Offices and Mosques. The design, choice of material and finishing differ depending on the space the carpet will be installed in.


Fast production process
Short delivery period for a smooth project flow.

Thanks to continuous investments in machinery and optimisation of the production process, we can guarantee a fast production process. Production time is one of the industry’s fastest and usually doesn’t take longer than 4 weeks. 

Combine a fast production process with a short delivery period and you get a 100% guarantee on a smooth project flow. This means you can pursue your planning and continue working efficiently on your project.


Highly customisable carpet designs that perfectly meet your requirements

Sometimes even extensive collections don’t offer what you’re looking for. That’s why you can custom design your carpet.

You can choose to start from our existing collections and change a colour or pattern. Or you can start from a photo, sketch or from a faint idea. We will work together to define the design you have in mind for your carpet.

Want to know more about our custom carpet design process? Go to our custom design page 


Acoustic noise reduction for silent environments.
Soft walking comfort to easily cover long distances.
Antic-static & anti-slip treatment for avoiding unpleasant situations.
Energy saving isolation that easily helps you to meet the necessary isolation guidelines.

Carus carpets are known for their comfort. Comfort comes in various surprising forms. The most common form of carpet comfort is the soft walking comfort that allows for covering long distances. Other forms of Carus carpet comfort are the anti-static and anti-slip treatment for avoiding unpleasant situations. This is particularly useful in offices or retirement centres.

The acoustic noise reduction is ideal for use in more silent environments, like mosques or work spaces. Carus also invests in energy saving isolation, which helps you meet the necessary isolation guidelines.



High quality material that lasts for decades.
Timeless carpet designs that stand the test of time.

Because we know that flooring requires a considerable investment from your customers, we also want this investment to pay off. That’s why we only use high quality material that lasts for decades. 

Combine this durability with an extreme colour fastness and a large collection of timeless carpet designs and you get a carpet that will stand the test of time.