Why choose carpet

Health & Environment friendly

As fine dust is held between the fibres of our carpets, the air will be healthier. Tests have proved that in rooms with wall-to-wall carpets there is up to 50% less fine dust in the air.

Easy to clean

Modern technology enables us to offer you a carpet with an optimal resistance to wear, dirt and stains. Simply vacuum the carpet on a regular basis.

Enjoy the softness and warmth

There is nothing quite like the cosy feeling that carpet gives. Any floor in your hospitality project will never feel cold to the touch and walking barefoot is a pleasure.

Works as a noise reducer

Sounds transmitted through ceilings, walls and floors are annoying. Our carpets absorb these noises better than any hard floorcovering. Textile floorcoverings clearly reduce the transmission of noise, both in the room where the noise is generated and in the adjoining rooms. Walking on a fitted carpet is 22 decibels less noisy than on a wooden floor.

Save energy

Carpets help to save energy. Firstly, the dense fibres and the backing of the carpet retain up to 10% of the warmth that otherwise would be lost through a smooth surface. So with carpets, you do save energy and contribute to the reduction of CO2-emissions.

Offers you endless possibilities

Personalize your floor. No matter what look you have in mind, our collections have a carpet that matches your design. Colour, structure or pattern: there are no limits.

Soften slips and falls

Compared to other types of floorcovering, carpets can be ranked as very safe in terms of skid resistance. In addition, a British study has shown that the average force of impact is much lower with carpets, significantly reducing the consequences of an accident.

Easy to install

Carpets can be installed very quickly and easily. Depending on the intended use of the room and the type of subfloor and backing, our carpets can be glued or fitted with an additional underlay.