Natural Stone

Leave no stone unturned.

Stone is one of the world’s oldest, most reliable natural sources for flooring.
Naturally, it’s also a huge inspiration for the world of carpet,
since no two stones are exactly the same and potential combinations are endless.
Mineral-inspired tuft designs offer the best of both worlds:
they maintain a connection with nature and the elements, but bring the warmth and noise-dampening qualities of carpet.

Rock the carpet

Chromo is one of the most evident techniques around to create stone-inspired designs. What’s more, Chromo offers you a design of your choice on a class 32 or 33 base cloth. From 200m², you can create a carpet that fits your environment best with our standard color banks. From 1,000m² orders, you can even take the reins yourself and exercise full creative control.

Create your own
Rock the carpet
To dye for

To dye for

Carus has more in store. If you’re looking for solution-dyed nylon (SDN) carpet, our Impact technique makes that possible. Across a variety of eight colors, we can vary pile height per stitch, creating depth and relief in the carpet, while the variation in height allows us to play with color and create any type of rock formation you can imagine.

Discover impact

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