Grand floral

Our big, bold designs are grouped under the appropriately named Grand Floral theme and are used to make statements. These sophisticated floral patterns fill up a space and hint at the warmth that we long for. They fully lean into the dramatic power of seasonal change.


Flower patterns are an inspired choice to add a decorative touch to an interior space. They also enlarge and enhance elements like petals, leaves or calyxes, creating a sense of grandeur. The Chromo technique we use in Grand Floral offers you a design of your choice on a class 32 or 33 base cloth (Commodore and Emperor, respectively), but there are other options, too.


From 200m², you can create a carpet that fits your environment best with our standard Chromo color banks. From 1,000m² orders, you can even have full creative control. Contact us and we’ll find out together what structures, textures and sizes would make your interior creative project really pop.

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