Fading gradient

Color gradients are back en vogue thanks to a resurgence in 1990s-inspired fashion.
In broadloom carpets, gradient transitions are a very versatile tool.
They can result in very bold designs as well as gentle, softening decoration statements.
But they are all eye-catching in their own way.
Read on to see how we can help you create your own gradient carpet with our Chromojet design services.

The power of sophistication

The power of sophistication

Gradient transitions are ideal for offsetting or enhancing flat designs. In the right environment, they also display sophistication by adding a sense of depth, color or texture (or all three!) that makes a room feel more vibrant and alive. Luckily, we can offer the gradient touch with all of our extant collections (Impact, Impressions and Impressions Chromo). 

True to blue, wink with pink

For this occasion, our designers have chosen blue and pink as examples of what a gradient carpet may look like. Both come in gentle hues that are not too distracting but retain an element of class. However, these are just examples, don’t forget that you have total freedom in determining what your carpet will look like!

True to blue, wink with pink

Our Chromo range offers you a design of your choice on a class 32 or 33 base cloth.

From 200 m², you can create a gradient that fits your environment best with our standard color banks.

From 1,000 m² orders, you can even take the reins yourself and exercise full creative control.

Are you ready to upgrade to gradient?
Do you fancy this Gradient theme, but are you rather looking for a solution-dyed nylon (SDN) broadloom carpet, or are you looking for an LCL?

Our Impact, Impressions and Impressions Chromo range open up a myriad of possibilities.

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