Contract Tuft

Contract tuft qualities

Our contract tuft qualities meet rigorous standards.

They dampen noise, resist wear and tear, retain their original patterns and colors even in high-traffic environments and above all, they are easy to clean.

Carus carpets are created with solution-dyed nylon (SDN) or polyamide.

We offer a wide range of loop-pile and structured carpets as well as cut-pile ranges.

The Split (with random strokes) range has a refined color palette match.

With the Studio range, which offers a classic loop structure in a range of vivid colors with deep hues, you get the best of both worlds in terms of tradition and modernity.

Our uni, cut-pile Splendor carpet comes in 17 available colors, in earthy tones, steely colors or various shades of blue...

Finally, we also offer the traditional, tried-and-true loop-pile design, Volcano, as well as Vendôme, a complete all-over design that has similarly proven its worth over the years.

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