The best wall-to-wall carpeting for your mosque or prayer room

Provide your sacred space with comfortable and acoustic carpeting, customized to your space and style. Discover our Mosque Collection. This collection is guaranteed to be the best flooring solution for your mosque project or prayer room.

High-end prayer room carpets

Our progressive production process meets the highest standards and ensures the best quality in color brightness and performance. We offer you a quality product that is, durable and hygienic, very comfortable and easy to maintain.

Durability, soft yarns, different pile weights and various backing solutions make these carpets the perfect floor covering for any prayer room.

The Chromojet printing process used for this collection of carpets is very flexible and allows personalized colors and patterns without requesting high volumes.

An experienced partner

We have many years of experience in manufacturing prayer room carpets and have been the supplier for projects in France, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Dubai, … such as Grande Mosquée de Reims (France) and Mosquée ‘Hassan II’ in Saidia (Morocco).

Would you like some help with designing your own mosque carpet? Our sales staff and design team would be pleased to assist you in creating your own exclusive project.

Custom made carpet - Carus
Brafa fair 2020 - Carus Carpet
Carus Chromo custom made Designer tuft carpet for professionals

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