Design Studio

Design your dream

At Carus, we understand the importance of a personal approach, our Chromojet technique allows you to create the exact atmosphere
you envision for any project. For your convenience, we have predefined 6 different color banks, in line with the latest trends
in interior design and decoration. Each color bank lends itself to creating a very distinctive and unique universe:

Ethnic Chic, Color Cure, Cocoon Vibe, Midnight Magic, Heritage Deluxe, Refined Serenity.

The color banks contain 12 colors each, suggesting different design options.
You’re also free to explore your own creativity and create your own design with these predefined colors.
Or, if you have a creative carpet idea, you can even take the reins yourself and exercise full creative control,
resulting in your own design, in your own colors.

Our wide range of colors and designs will be sure to inspire you to bring your ideas to life.
We’ll be glad to help you with every step in this creative process.

The design team

Create Your Own

Create Your Own

You can also create your own design to give your project a personal touch. In our design studio you get the opportunity to be as creative as you wish.You can choose to either make your own design in our existing colors, or go all the way.

Our personalization approach goes much further than just logos and branding colors. You can even opt for a certain atmosphere, theme, trend, or match it with other deco and interior elements. Our experts will help you create the carpet that perfectly suits your space, interior design and wishes.

Discover the 'create your own' concept