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As a designer brand for commercial tufted carpets, we strongly believe in the freedom of custom design. And we take that freedom literally. We go beyond dreaming and make it possible to bring your ideas to life. At Carus you can:

  1. Start from our existing collections and change colour or design.
  2. Start from a sketch.
  3. Or from scratch.

Whatever you choose, you’ll always be guided and advised by our creative and talented design team throughout the entire process.

A custom wall-to-wall carpet for every project

The freedom of creativity gives you the opportunity to create a custom carpet design that perfectly suits the project you have in mind. Custom wall-to-wall carpets allow you to bring a whole room together with one single element. They offer a seamless experience from top to bottom.

Ready to create your own carpet design? You can, in just a few simple steps...

Creating a customized wall-to-wall carpet with us can easily be done in five steps:

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Chromo project
Chromo project
Chromo project