Custom-made carpets

Custom-made carpets

Carus offers custom-made carpets as they should be: with a wide range of possibilities, colors and designs to fit your specific projects.

In our design studio, you’ll discover 6 different color banks, each containing up to 12 colors to create the pattern and background of your design.

In each colour bank, we also make a suggestion of designs we've previously developed. This is an interesting option if you prefer not to be too creative and want to choose an off-the-shelf design.

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Chromojet carpet printing

Chromojet carpet printing

Our Chromo carpets are created using the chromojet printing technique. This technique entails that carpets are printed using a printing system with computer-controlled high speed valves. Through these nozzles, pre-mixed pressurized colors are injected into the pile with high precision. 

This technique makes for a deep color penetration and an outstanding result, time and time again.

Create your own

However, you can also create your own design and to give your project a personal touch.
In our design studio you get the opportunity to be as creative as you wish.
You can choose to either make your own design in our existing colors, or go all the way and choose your own color and your own design.

Don’t be afraid to dream big!

Your wall-to-wall carpet designs can also be fully personalized in line with your brand values and the sensations you want your customers to experience.
Our personalization approach goes much further than just logos and branding colors.
You can even opt for a certain atmosphere, theme, trend, or match it with other deco and interior elements.

Our experts will help you create the carpet that perfectly suits your space, interior design and wishes.

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Chromo collections

Chromo collections

Our available Chromo collections offer a vast amount of patterns.

From the timeless designs of Grande, to the clean and calm simplicity of Expedition, to the luxurious look of Goden Gate.

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The best flooring solution for your mosque or prayer room

The best flooring solution for your mosque or prayer room

Are you in search of a wall-to-wall carpet for a unique space such as a mosque or prayer room? Give this sacred space the personal touch it deserves with our Mosque Collection.

With this collection, you are guaranteed to create a comfortable and atmospheric environment for your visitors. Moreover, the carpets offer great acoustics (soundproofing) and are easy to maintain.

Discover the Mosque collection

Looking for inspiration?

We are continuously researching new themes and trends in the carpet world.
Based on this research, we have created a number of brochures to give you some inspiration for your own custom made carpet.

Browse our different brochures and designs here:

Creative collaboration

Creative collaboration

The best news is that you don’t have to go it alone.

Our creative team is always there for you to help you out during each step of the creation process, which includes mock-ups and samples.

This helps ensure you get the carpet that most closely matches your personal vision and considerably reduces the time from the factory to your floor. So if you feel like a fresh perspective, be sure to contact us for a meeting.

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