Insinia Chromo

A new range

XL Insinia Chromo is, just like Impressions Chromo, a real technological masterpiece that combines the level-cut-loop tufting technique with our Chromojet technique. The result? A printed tufted structure that gives an XL effect to every project.

What sets it apart from the Impressions Chromo range, is its 1550 gr/m² base cloth, resulting in an even more sumptuous broadloom carpet with attitude and a sense of design. This range also features our latest innovation in backings: superback, a thick felt backing that provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.

Discover the 3 standard designs Diva, Prestige and Influence. Or feel free to create your own custom carpet: Choose your tuft structure in a 1550 gr/m² base cloth. Choose your Chromo design. And lest’s get creative.