Carpet uses

Our four segments

Whether you’re looking for commercial flooring for the hospitality industry, cut length applications, mosques or looking for inspiration, Carus offers tufted design carpets that perfectly meet the needs of your space.

To help you find the right carpet for the right space, we’ve divided our collection into four segments. The colour, material, design and treatment of our carpets are adapted to these segments.


The Carus Hospitality collection features in many renowned hotels, restaurants, bars and other hospitality spaces.

You can choose from various patterns, colours and designs that perfectly suit the needs of the hospitality sector. Can’t find what you need in our extensive collection of high quality hospitality carpets? No problem, you can always go for a custom designed carpet that perfectly suits your needs.. 

Our state of the art production process meets the highest standards and ensures the best quality in colour brightness and wear-resistance. This guarantees a hospitality carpet that not only looks great but will also perform for years.

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Cut Length

The Carus cut length collection has been created with the nature of offices in mind. We understand that offices are and should be highly productive places. That’s why we’ve developed a range of colours that boost productivity and maximise focus.

Cut length carpets by Carus have also been developed to endure high traffic and the toughest wear and tear possible. The Cut length collection is resistant to:

  • Static electricity.

  • The rolling of office chairs.

  • The moving of heavy objects like desks, copy machines and other office equipment or furniture.

By combining only the best materials with the most performant machinery, you get cut length carpets of an extreme strength, colour fastness and finesse. Thanks to the use of Fidea® Solution Dyed Nylon, colours are brighter, clearer and stay that way for a very long time. Moreover, you can rest assured that your office carpet meets the required usage and fire classification. 

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Time for you to bring your ideas to life and create a carpet with the atmosphere you are looking for.
Whatever your design is, you’ll always be guided and advised by our creative and talented design team throughout the entire process.
Because you, our customer, are at the centre of our services so that you can complete your professional project in the shortest amount of production time possible with the highest degree of  personalisation.

Our high-quality materials meet the required usage and fire classifications and guarantee a long lifespan. 

Can’t wait to make your carpet idea a reality? Looking for more information? Contact us!

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Carus has developed a collection of tufted carpets specifically for mosques. Our collection has been designed with the following things in mind:

  • High daily traffic.

  • Extreme colour fastness.

  • Minimise slip and fall risks.

  • Low maintenance and easy cleaning.

  • Fire and usage classification requirements.

  • Soft and comfortable to sit on

  • Custom made design possible

Choose from a wide range of patterns that have specifically been designed for mosques. Whatever pattern or colours you choose, you’ll always benefit from a highly customisable quality product.

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