Care & Maintenance



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Care & Maintenance

Like any other flooring type, carpet needs cleaning from time to time. Cleaning a carpet is easier than you may think. Discover our simple carpet cleaning tips.

Common sense and preventative cleaning

Common sense will take you a long way when it comes to keeping your carpet gorgeous and clean. Follow these simple tips:

Stain removal

Spills and stains don’t have to be a problem. Always act quickly and follow these guidelines for an effective and correct stain removal:

! Never rub the tufted carpet, this could damage the carpet fibres or yarns and change the carpet structure. Never soak a carpet with water through to the backing.

In-depth cleaning

Even if you vacuum your carpet regularly and treat stains accordingly, an in-depth cleaning is necessary once every 12 to 24 months. This will remove persistent dirt and smaller particles that cause your carpet to wear out.

There are various in-depth cleaning methods. Here is an overview of the most common ones:

Whichever method you choose, make sure that all detergents are properly removed from the carpet afterwards and that the carpet is dry before walking on it again.

General guideline

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